He’s a 17-year-old gang leader trying to make a rep for himself on the streets of New York in 1959.  But Spider finds himself in way over his head when he steals a suitcase of money from Casket Mike, a notorious gangster who wouldn’t think twice about blowing away a punk hood if it means getting his cash back.  

On the run, Spider finds a hiding place from the heat on the streets when he’s taken in by Tamara, a sheltered young woman whose reclusive uncle, the legendary mobster Big Didi, has his own history with Casket Mike.  

Spider’s safe for the time being, but he’s completely dependent on Tamara, a girl with a mind of her own.  It’s a collision of two lives, but the unlikely pair soon discovers a depth of feeling that neither has experienced before. 

When Big Didi discovers Spider, the old gangster cuts a deal with the young gang leader: cold cash, and lots of it, to kill Casket Mike and finally exact the revenge that he’s been seeking for decades.  But there’s one catch – he can never see Tamara again.  Now Spider is faced with the decision of his life: to enter a full-fledged life of crime and gain the rep he's always wanted or make a choice for real love.