The Wrap

‘Straight Outta Compton’s’ Neil Brown Jr., Dan Bucatinsky, Sharon Lawrence to Present at NewFilmmakers LA Awards

The Los Angeles Times

"Tjardus Greidanus' A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT is New Filmmakers Los Angeles' feature pick ... "

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MovieMaker Magazine

2014 MovieMaker Magazine interview with director Tjardus Greidanus

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The two young actors at the heart of this romance have genuine on-screen chemistry that puts every other pairing on screen this year to shame."

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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (daily)

"… an homage to the gangster and troubled-youth B-movies of the '40s and '50s [with] lots of witty, rapid-fire patter."

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"Spider’s crew of hoodlums has more in common with the kids in Stand by Me than big-screen mafiosos … the speed with which the gang is swept up into trouble is a remedy to 100 bloated Hollywood setups."

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The Strip!

"If a film can be both beautiful and desolate, this is a successful example. It’s a brooding, shadow-filled film noir, only in color."

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Pittsburgh Today Live (local CBS talk show)

Writer-Director Tjardus Greidanus and Producer Laura Davis talk to KDKA's Kristine Sorenson & Jon Burnett.

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